Hepatitis Council of NSW

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We provide educational and workforce development services to health care and community workers, and others who work with people affected by or at risk of hepatitis C.

We do not provide education directly to the general community but can refer people to services who can. Our approach involves developing and delivering free* customised educational workshops and services for groups or whole organisations.

Sessions are tailored to include a range of topics or activities. These inlcude:

  • Updates on hepatitis C as it relates to clients, organisations and/or work practices. This may include topics such as transmission, epidemiology, illness outcomes, symptoms and treatment information.
  • An outline of psychosocial issues relating to hepatitis C, eg. discrimination, diagnosis, treatment and prevention.
  • Planning workshops aimed at increasing an organisation’s capacity to respond to hepatitis C.
  • C-een & Heard speakers service  - where people living with hepatitis C discuss and speak about their experiences.


Example sessions


  • A one day session for managers, using problem solving activities and planning frameworks to look at how the service could support their workers to respond more effectively to hepatitis C.
  • A one hour in-service for nurses using hypothetical case studies based on common scenarios in the ward.
  • A forty-five minute session for health care workers on disclosure and discrimination.
  • A three hour session for youth workers involving a range of interactive activities addressing medical and social issues relating to hepatitis C prevention, management and discrimination.

We strongly encourage organisations to consider the inclusion of a C-een & Heard speaker in longer sessions to give a personal perspective of hepatitis C.


Making a booking

Submit your request using our online booking form, or email the E&D team.

We will contact you to confirm availability and to discuss your needs.

* Free for NSW-based services, excluding the C-een & Heard Speakers Service, for which there is a small charge.