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It is common for people with hepatitis C to worry about what they eat and whether their diet will affect their liver. Attempting to address such concerns, a group of Sydney-based dietitians approached the Hepatitis C Council of NSW seeking to initiate a collaboarative project aimed at developing a range of information resources.


This led to the development of the Council's information brochure,

Hepatitis C and Food: An introduction to healthy eating and hepatitis C.


HEPNUT went on to develop two

key resources:

image HCW guide to nutrition
image diet dilemma


HEPNUT members present at conferences and seminars across NSW and Australia. They are also routinely invited to comment on the development  of other external resources relating to nutrition and hepatitis C.

The group currently comprises:

  •  Helen Vidotdietitian, Australian National Liver Transplant Unit, RPAH.
  •  Simon Sadler,   dietitian, Albion Street Centre.
  •  Louise Houtzager,   dietitian, Albion Street Centre.
  •  Helen Taylor,   Hepatitis Project workers, Central Coast Area Health
  •  Paul Harvey,   Coordinator: Information & Resources, Hepatitis C Council of NSW



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