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These factsheets are in PDF format and you will need Acrobat Reader to view them.


If you feel the full pack of factsheets would be useful in your work, please contact the Hep C Helpline and order a free set.


We strive to keep our resources up-to-date. If you believe that any of the factsheets contains dated information, please email us.


Clinical information in these factsheets is not meant to replace the advice which would be provided by a doctor or other health care worker. People who have hep C should regularly see their doctor, who can provide monitoring, up-to-date information, advice and counseling if needed.


Factsheets are updated on an as-needs basis.  Last overall review 2005
A factsheet introduction (2007) Liver biopsy (2006)
Antibody testing (2007) Liver function (2005)
Australian snapshot (2007) Liver transplant (2005)
Blood & organ donation (2007) Painkillers (2005)
Complementary therapies (2005) PCR availability (2007)
Council history (2008) PCR & transmission (2007)
Council overview (2008) Peg combo therapy (2007)
Diet (2005) Pregnancy, babies & children (2007)
Disclosure (2007) Prevention (2007)
Discrimination (2005) Stress (2005)
Disposing of fits (2005) Superannuation (2005)
Fatigue (2005) Support services (2006)
First aid (2007) Symptoms (2007)
Genotypes (2005) Tattooing (2005)
Harm minimisation (2005) Test counselling (2005)
Hep C & sex (2007) Treatment consent (2006)
Heps A B & C (2007) Treatment response (2005)

HIV coinfection (2006)

Treatment side effects (2005)

Illness outcomes (2008)

Workplace issues (2006)


Entire set as one large PDF - best printed using networked photocopier set to print 'double sided'



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