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Many of these resources are available across NSW in hardcopy format from the Hepatitis C Council of NSW - see our Resource fax back order form. Although some resources below might not be listed on the order form, they may still be available - phone or email us for more info.


Several of the resources below are published by the Hepatitis C Council of NSW and were developed in line with our Resources Development Guidelines. These resources have been approved and endorsed by the NSW Department of Health.

Other resources below were developed by publicly-funded, reputable and expert agencies including the Australasian Society of HIV Medicine, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing.

Clinical information in these resources is not meant to replace the advice which would be provided by a doctor or other health care worker. People who have hep C should regularly see their doctor, who can provide monitoring, up-to-date information, advice and counseling if needed.


WARNING - Some of these PDFs are large (2-3 MB) and can take 10-20 seconds to download and open in Acrobat.


image 2008 national hep C manual image ashm prehospital workers and hep C    

Nat manual (a)

Nat manual (b)



ASHM: Pre-Hospital Workers and Hep C (2008)


image big combo hep C treatment video image hep C treatment promo postcard image dont sweat it hep C prevention postcard image ASHM hep C primary care

The Big Combo, YouTube video part 2 (2007)

Treatment promo postcard set (2007)


Body art postcard set (2007)


Hep C Primary Care (2008)


image dental health & hep C image ashm hcv patient overview image Treat Yourself Right hep C booklet image big combo hep C treatment video

ASHM: Dental Health & Hep C (2006)


ASHM: Hep C In Brief (2006)

Treat Yourself Right (NSW edition 2007)

The Big Combo, YouTube video part 1 (2007)

image what is hep C
IHHC cover
image nurses & hep C
image ambulance officers & hep C

What Is Hep C?

I Have Hep C (2006)

ASHM: Nurses & Hep C (2006)

ASHM: Ambo Officers & Hep C (2006)


image HIV/HCV Coinfection
image hep c n pregnancy factsheet
image GPs & hepatitis C

image HCV a brief introduction

ASHM: HIV/Hep C Coinfection (2005)

RPAH Pregnancy factsheet (2005)

ASHM: GPs & Hep C (2006)

A Brief Intro

(2006 web version)

image - understanding your liver
image alcohol guidelines
image RACGP Update
image hep C cookbook

Understanding Your Liver (2003)


Australian Alcohol Guidelines (2003)

Guide for GPs - update (2003)

Taste of This Life cookbook (2004)


image herbs
image diet dilemma
image nutrition & hcv
image hep c and food

The liver, herbs & medicines (2002)


Diet Dilemma & HCV (undated)

Nutrition & Hep C information for HCWs (undated)


Hep C & Food  (2003)

image healthy body art image hygenic body piercing

image what you need to know

image healthy tattooing

Healthy Body Art (2000)

Hygenic Procedures for Body Piercers (2000)






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